During the holidays, many forget how the world outside us doesn’t cease. The festivities, including home decorating and parties, bring people together and remind them that the regular world still exists. Unfortunately, some things people enjoy doing during the holiday season can harm their teeth. Fortunately, this article has tips to keep your smile healthy this holiday season.

Watch Out for Candy

Some of the most common candies people can eat during the holiday are hard candies, such as candy canes and chocolate bars. Although these are usually harmless, chewing on them can lead to cracked or chipped teeth. This is doubly threatening if you’re away from your usual dentist and have to choose between spending a lot of money on a procedure you don’t know much about and experiencing pain during the holidays.

While soft and sticky candies are not as harmful as hard ones, they can still cause damage in their very own way. Between their sugar and the sticky nature of their surface, these items can cling to teeth and encourage the development of tooth decay.

Harsh Beverages

Red wine, similar to coffee in terms of its pigments, can also cause staining on teeth. To minimize the effects of this drink, it is crucial to avoid drinking it while consuming food and to brush after drinking it. Although white wine does not contain the same staining agents, it has more sugar than red wine.


The holidays often bring food all around us. Whether it’s leftover Thanksgiving food, an open-to-the-public feast for a get-together, or a small snack for Christmas morning, the temptation to eat all day long can harm one’s teeth. This is because constant exposure to food can lead to the development of tooth decay. A straightforward way to prevent this is to refrain from eating all day and put food away after each meal.

Drink Opening

It’s common knowledge that people damage their teeth to get to their next bottle of wine or liquor. Although tearing open food packaging is generally harmless, it can still lead to tooth damage, similar to what can happen with hard candies. Instead of your teeth, use scissors, knives, and hands.