Dr. Christopher Zed


Principle Associate, APNA Dental Vancouver

About Dr. Christopher Zed 


A respected professional with over 25 years of experience in dental health care, Dr. Christopher Zed is a Dental Surgeon and the owner of Bayview Lonsdale Dental in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Dr. Zed’s philosophy on dental care is focused on patient-centered treatment. This means that each patient has a say in their treatment plan. By utilizing a collaborative approach, Dr. Zed is able to provide information to patients that allows them to make informed decisions about their health and well-being. When presented with a difficult decision, Dr. Zed provides his expert opinion, but always takes into account what the patient’s situation is.

Throughout his career, Dr. Zed has always stood confidently in the face of adversity. His personal mission is to provide excellent care to his patients, regardless of the difficulties that stand in his way. In fact, according to Dr. Christopher Zed, “it only energizes me to persevere and never play the victim.” Dr. Zed understands that growth comes from adversity, and he embraces the changes in his life that have happened due to overcoming obstacles. This sentiment has allowed him to pursue a rich career in dentistry, as his can-do spirit pushes him to succeed.

Outside of his practice, Dr. Christopher Zed also holds a position as Principal Associate at Apna Dental Vancouver and Delta. He was previously a Clinical Professor at The University of British Columbia, as well as Chief of Dentistry for over 10 years at Vancouver General Hospital. One highlight of Dr. Zed’s career was acting as the Olympic Chief of Dentistry at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. In fact, Dr. Zed presented on the topic of Dentistry at the Winter Games.

Although his passion for dental health care has taken him far, Dr. Zed still gains fulfillment out of helping each individual patient achieve their dental health goals. By remaining in-the-know on dental technology and new practices, Dr. Zed can provide top-notch dental care to each of his patients. Ultimately, whether he is working with Olympic athletes or the average Joe, Dr. Zed works his absolute hardest to make sure everyone he cares for is well taken care of.

When Dr. Christopher Zed is not practicing dentistry, he enjoys spending time with his family and enjoying a multitude of hobbies. Whether he is relaxing with his 4 children, playing backgammon and cribbage, or connecting with the great outdoors, Dr. Zed appreciates the downtime he has to rejuvenate after a long day.

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