Dr Christopher Zed

Dr. Christopher Zed is the proud owner of Bayview Lonsdale Dental. He is also a dental surgeon with over twenty-five years of experience. Over the years, he has learned so much about the impact of dental health on the whole body. Now his goal is to help others understand this connection.

Christopher Zed hopes to provide an educational experience alongside routine healthcare at Bayview Lonsdale Dental. Ultimately, Dr. Zed is not happy unless every patient is treated with the care and respect they deserve.

Dr. Christopher Zed’s experience in the medical industry has led him to develop a passion for technology, as the two frequently go hand and hand. Just looking at how much dentistry has changed thanks to technology is enough to inspire him. More than that, he is hopeful that future developments will further improve patient care and treatment.

Due to this connection and hope, Dr. Zed has made a point of learning as much about technology as possible. This goal applies both in and out of work, as even when he is home, Dr. Zed will happily learn about the latest smart tech available.

When Christopher Zed isn’t focused on work or learning, he enjoys spending time with his family. Alternatively, one can find him indulging in other favorite hobbies, which include cooking, wine tasting, and outdoor activities.

Background Experience

Dental Surgeon and Owner
Bayview Lonsdale Dental
August 2020 – Present

Principle Associate
Dental Apnea Solutions
January 2014 – Present