Covid-19 has manifested itself in so many ways that people are hearing new potential symptoms on a frequent basis. In addition to examining yourself for rashes on hands and feet, a loss of taste or smell, researchers who track potential symptoms are saying that new findings indicate that Covid tongue might be a symptom of the virus, too. 

More cases have begun to appear of people testing positive for Covid who also suffer from tongue enlargement, discoloration, or other mouth issues. Over 45 percent of 666 patients at a Spanish hospital had a form of tissue-membrane symptoms, with more than 25 percent experiencing symptoms on their tongues. The majority of those patients surveyed also reported a burning sensation and loss of taste. Doctors have confirmed that it is biologically possible for Covid to cause a swelling of the tongue. 

The cells in the human body are composed of enzymes called ACE receptors. The virus that causes Covid-19 is called SARS-CoV-2, and that is what latches onto those receptors, enabling the virus to enter your system and make you sick. Since our tongue is made up of many ACE receptors, it can display a lot of symptoms such as swelling or bumps. The consensus, however, is that Covid symptoms will be part of a cluster of other symptoms and not just confined to the oral area. 

One of the theories regarding why this type of symptom isn’t more widely reported is that most patients are wearing a mask when they go for clinic visits. Masks are generally worn throughout examinations to lower the risk of contagion. This directly leads to an underreporting of mouth-related issues. 

As far as a firm diagnosis on COVID tongue, it is estimated that fewer than 1 in 500 patients receive a diagnosis. The most common indicator is either a scalloped texture or a white or yellow furry type coating that cannot be brushed away. In both cases, there is also severe discomfort. Doctors, however, are quick to point out that these symptoms can be related to other viruses, aside from Covid. Numerous viruses can bring on mucocutaneous manifestations.