People are making all kinds of DIY, including things related to dentistry. Social media has shown that some of these trends are growing in popularity, and you might wonder if these treatments work. Some people have tried gargling bleach, and others have used nail files to create tooth structures. While it’s essential to consult your dentist before trying any DIY projects, you might be surprised to learn that some are not dangerous. Here are some hacks you can try at home and some you should avoid.

Avoid Using a Nail File on Teeth

Although it’s tempting to use a nail file on a jagged or chipped tooth, doing so can seriously damage the outer layer of the tooth’s enamel. Doing so could also expose the nerve, causing pain and sensitivity. If you file away your teeth, you could also cause issues with your bite. This could require corrective procedures, which can be much more costly than you would have paid at a dental clinic.

Avoid DIY Braces

One of the most dangerous at-home procedures people are trying out is DIY braces. Dentists undergo extensive training to ensure that they can effectively perform the procedures related to teeth alignment. This is because doing so can take a long time and require expertise. Trying to straighten one’s teeth using homemade Braces is a risky idea. It could also lead to permanent tooth loss.

Try Making DIY Toothpaste

Many products are formulated to help care for healthy teeth, but making your own at-home toothpaste can be beneficial. Before you start using homemade toothpaste, consult your dentist. Once you get the approval, make sure that it’s formulated with the right ingredients, and avoid anything that can damage your teeth, such as acids or abrasives.

Try Upgrading At-Home Dental Health

It can be an uncomfortable experience in the dentist’s chair, but using a water flosser at the end of a visit is something that most patients look forward to. This device can be incorporated as part of an at-home routine as it can reach deeper into the teeth crevices. Moreover, you can upgrade your electric toothbrush to a sonic version, which can also help remove harmful bacteria.


When it comes to professional dental care, nothing is as reliable as the work of a dentist. While trying some of these at-home procedures is tempting, it’s important to remember that they are usually done for views and not for the health of your teeth. To keep your smile looking its best, choose a local dentist.