Although it may seem insignificant compared to other body parts, such as the heart or lungs, the mouth is one of the best indications of an individual’s health.

The teeth and gums are heavily interconnected with other parts of the body, and as such, they can be used to determine non-mouth-related issues. Similarly, poor oral health can be a significant cause of seemingly unrelated health problems.

Health Connections

A lack of proper dental care can lead to periodontitis. The inflammation of the gums, as overgrowth of bacteria in the mouth, can damage oral tissue through their excretion of acids and similarly damaging substances. This inflammation not only harms the inside of the mouth but can also result in nerve damage and put a strain on the cardiovascular system.

Due to the fact that the mouth is a haven for bacteria, if it’s not properly maintained, those bacteria can spread to other parts of the body or at least take up immune system resources. Bad oral health has been linked to several conditions like heart disease, pneumonia, and plaque buildup in blood vessels.

Overall, the mouth is a significant intersection of many health-related elements, including nerves, inflammation, and infectious bacteria. For those looking to improve the state of their general health, oral health should not be overlooked.

Prevention and Maintenance

To ensure oral health problems don’t evolve into more significant issues like endocarditis or stroke – routine tooth maintenance should be done. This includes things like brushing several times a day, flossing, and avoiding sugary or acid-laden drinks in addition to tobacco products.

It’s also a good idea to have routine dental check-ups to see if there are any underlying oral problems you might not be immediately aware of.

Keep in mind numerous health conditions can impact overall oral health that can later cause issues to arise throughout the body. Conditions such as diabetes and osteoporosis are linked with poor oral health as they increase the rate of bacterial growth and weaken the strength of teeth. Even if you have decent oral care, these conditions might be cause for increasing the level of attention you pay toward your tooth and gum health.