There are many types of germs and bacteria living in your mouth. When you brush your teeth or tongue, food debris, blood, saliva, and toothpaste stick to your toothbrush.

According to experts, thousands of types of bacteria and germs can grow on the handles and bristles of a toothbrush. Although these are harmless, they can still cause illnesses like the flu. To keep your toothbrush clean, here are a few easy methods you can try today.

1. Hot Water Rinse

One of the most effective ways to clean your toothbrush is by running hot water over it before and after every use. This method will kill any bacteria that may have accumulated on the surface of the brush in the hours between each brush. It will also remove new ones.

2. Anti-bacterial Mouthwash

If you’re unsatisfied with a hot water rinse, use an antibacterial mouthwash. However, this method might cause your toothbrush to wear out faster, as these products tend to contain harsh chemicals that can break down the bristles. This method involves letting the toothbrush sit in a cup of mouthwash for around two minutes after each brushing.

3. Denture Cleanser

The cleaning process for dentures involves using a denture cleanser made with antimicrobial ingredients designed to kill harmful bacteria. You can use this method to get extra clean bristles. You should submerge your toothbrush in a tablet containing cleanser for around 90 seconds, ensuring it is thoroughly cleaned.

4. UV Sanitizer

A UV light sanitizer specifically formulated for toothbrushes is also a good alternative. A study revealed that using UV light chambers for cleaning toothbrushes was the most effective method for killing harmful bacteria. Although a UV light sanitizer may seem like an expensive product, it’s not absolutely necessary to have one to keep your toothbrush clean.


Maintaining proper storage and care of your toothbrush is vital for oral health. Your toothbrush can harbor harmful bacteria if it’s not cleaned correctly. Doing so could allow these organisms to multiply and cause oral infections. Most people can feel confident that their toothbrush is thoroughly cleaned after using hot water. In addition, other products, such as a denture cleanser or mouthwash, can also be used to clean your toothbrush.