Collagen is a material found naturally in the body and aids in holding tissues together. One of the most critical tissues held together by collagen is teeth. A healthy body produces enough collagen for all of its needs. Still, smoking, poor dental hygiene, or chronic medical conditions can affect this production and lead to gum recession and tooth loss. Fortunately, there are many ways to combat this problem through dietary additions, such as consuming foods rich in collagen or taking supplements with added collagen.

Effects Of Collagen On Your Teeth

1. Gum recession

Collagen is responsible for maintaining the gums and supporting the teeth. Losing collagen can lead to gums receding from the teeth and exposing them to bacteria and the risk of decay. If a tooth is lost due to gum recession, it will be more susceptible to cavities.

2. Tooth loss

Since collagen is needed for keeping teeth in line, a lack of it can lead to tooth loss or deformity of one or more teeth; this is especially true of permanent teeth.

3. Tooth sensitivity

Teeth that are not held in place properly are more vulnerable to stimulation and can be more sensitive to hot and cold. When not in the proper position, teeth can become worn down by chewing, which can also cause sensitivity.

4. Aging process

Teeth are living organisms affected by chemical reactions in our saliva that cause them to decay and become weak. It is a natural process of tooth aging, but placing teeth under pressure or putting them under stress (such as grinding teeth) will speed up this process, causing deterioration of the teeth.

5. Cavities

Since gum recession can cause teeth to become exposed to bacteria, and since the gums no longer protect the nerves, teeth that would not usually be sensitive become very sensitive, leading to cavities and even tooth loss.

6. Bad breath

Since gum recession and tooth loss lead to tooth exposure and bacterial growth, bad breath can be caused by both food and bacteria buildup on the teeth and gum recession.

Collagen supplements are a great way to help your body maintain and improve the health of the gums and teeth. Suppose you regularly consume foods or take pills that contain collagen. In that case, your body is receiving what it needs at the right time to metabolize collagen and make it readily available for use.